Lake. River. Pond. Stream. Ocean. Creek.

The earth is two-thirds water. It is a magnificent, yet compelling part of our existence. Its wonder cannot be understated.

Water is glorious.

I grew up in a lake community near Washington, D.C. As a child, swimming was an integral component of my daily life. I was immersed in either a pool, lake, or ocean. Water was my natural playground. It was, and is, a safe haven for me. Fortunately, I was educated at a very early age about the vital importance of water safety. The lifeguards, swim coaches, and community members all taught and consistently stressed basic life-saving skills in and around the water.

My goal is to have you love the water as much as I do.

For over twenty-five years, I have taught water safety skills. I have coached national level and Iron Man triathletes, open water swimmers, waterfront lifeguards, beginner swimmers, and people who have a fear of the dark water. For each swimmer, my intent is to impart the understanding of how to safeguard yourself should an unexpected water event occur, while truly embracing the beautiful experience of swimming in open water.

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Margaret "Mei Mei" Connor :


"My goal is to have you love the water as much as I do."